“Healthy Mind Healthy Spirit Healthy Hair, It Must Be Unique Organics”!

Unique Organics Ayurvedic Haircare was created in 2020 by Monique Perry during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. Due to the stress of being laid off from her place of employment, her hair begin to fall out. She just knew her hair had no chance because alopecia runs in her family.

With her husband's encouragement, she decided to stop the hair loss which she thought was inevitable because of it affecting so many of her family members.

She researched for countless hours for natural ways to stop her from going bald. As a little girl, her grandmother taught her how to heal her ailments with herbs. So going the natural route was her only option. Her alopecia hair oil recipe stopped her hair from falling out at the crown and within 6 months her bald spot filled in with hair.

Monique began to share her hair oil with friends, family and coworkers who also suffered from hair loss and it helped them as well.

As a result of the success of the alopecia hair growth oil, Monique created a hair thickener oil which is thickening hair that is experiencing thinning. A stress, male and female pattern baldness oil that also helps hair to grow back from medications, chemo and covid. A customer of her's asked her to create an oil for her baby's cradle cap and it worked. The child's cradle cap was cured and he lost no hair.

A vegan shampoo and conditioner followed the hair oils, all of which Monique created using her own research and recipes.

Unique Organics later launched Organic Love Skincare which Monique formulated an amazing luxurious body butter cream that is healing cracked heels, chapped lips, eczema, stretch marks , psoriasis and dry skin. She also makes body scrubs, lotion, deodorant as well as beard oils and beard balms.

Take care of yourself organically….

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